The time is coming.. I’m sure you’ve heard about the alignment of the planets that will be taking place this year … but have you given much thought to your own alignment?

During the next several months your life may take some unexpected turns and things may seem to be upside down or out of line for a while. Keep this thought in mind…  In order for you to align something you must first take it out of the lineup to get it into its new position.

This will be taking place for most and in some unusual ways. Know that the out of line feeling is just temporary and that you will soon be back in alignment and more on path that ever before.

Imagine what happens when you rearrange your livingroom. You take everything out of it’s normal position.. try it out in a few different angles and positions until you find just the right fit…. and then everything gets it’s new home.. new space and balance is once again restored with a renewed feeling all together.

THAT is exactly whats coming.. are you ready?

Many Blessings,

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