Where to Begin…

Okay, so I have been sitting here thinking I really need to post a blog today, but what on Earth will I talk about today?

Feeling that draw to my blog space.. feeling an incredible urge to get some words down, but then not having a clue where to start and what to blog about.

I heard a little voice whisper… “Just Start” ¬†and with that being said I clicked “New Post”.

So here we are .. and now just like magic I have my topic and I am blogging away. What do you mean you have no clue what I’m even blogging about???

It’s all about taking that first step and BEGINNING. Whatever task it is that lies before you .. you have to just begin it! Take that necessary action to start the wheels in motion. Move from thinking about it to actually doing it and all else will simply fall into place.

To dream, think and to plan is great.. but without the physical activity of DOING… you still have NOTHING. It’s just a dream, a plan or a thought.

Just as the Robin can’t learn to fly til it takes that first step out of the nest… we won’t know what we are capable of doing til we take that first step toward our goals.

Get out there and MAKE IT HAPPEN!

Many Blessings,

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