Daily Insight – It’s Just not in the Cards

As I shuffle my Vision Quest deck this morning and ask what the day has in store for us .. I lay down 3 cards … and then another… and another and one more.. so now I have six cards laid out across my desk. I scan across the cards looking for the insight that I am to share with you today and I hear a voice softly whisper … “It’s not in the cards, you seek is already with you.. it is implanted in your knowing already… you just have to trust what you already, instinctively know”
So there you have it … today’s insight.

It is one of the hardest things to do.. trusting yourself.. your abilities and the knowledge you instinctively carry inside yourself.

We always want to question that gut feeling and ask .. what if I’m wrong.

Today’s message is … TRUST

Many Blessings,


We want this sign to say 2012! :-)

Please please don’t forget to cast your votes for me this year in Toast of Music City

I’m running for Best Blog and Best Visual Artist …. just click each link below to cast your votes.. Thank you in advance to everyone that takes the time to vote this year.. I appreciate you guys far more than you know! Voting is daily through the whole month of June.

Thank you all!

Best Blog

Best Local Artist (Visual)

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