Alignment is Coming

There are so many things being said about the “Big Event” of this year…. End of the world, planetary alignment, shifting of he continents, blah blah blah…. so on and so on.

There will be some planets lining up this year… I think 6 of them will fall in line for a moment or two…. but that’s not the “Big Event”. The Alignment that changes things will come from another source. Something far less expected and much harder to see. This alignment is something that will be felt far more than seen. Eventually it will come into sight, but at first it will only be noticeable by feeling. And not the type of feeling you do with your hands! LOL

This alignment that will be happening, is an alignment of souls.

“Alignment of souls” that is the exact term I am given.

People of like mind will be brought together more quickly than ever before and in much larger numbers. These people will begin to work together. The more that come together… the more things begin to change. Change for the better. Eyes will open, life will change and alignment begins. In fact it has already begun.. it’s been going on for some time now, each day that passes, it grows.  Each day it will become more and more noticeable. Even those still asleep will take notice soon.

This is the “Big Event”.

I am given this vision and thought:  “A sapling in the forest begins to grow.. you may walk past this sapling a hundred times and never even notice it is there until one day it has grown so large that you have to change your path or stop where you are.” This is a time of knowing. We are coming into acknowledgement of self … we are becoming more aware of our walk upon this Earth and its effect on all things. We are also as individuals becoming more aware of our own inner powers and gifts. More of us are learning to use them and have begun exercising them.

Those dreams you are now starting to remember…. that’s part of your training.
Those visions that come to you while you  are not even asleep… more training.
Those feelings stirring inside you and that voice guiding you … training.
That knowledge that just came to you without you knowing you knew… training.

Trust the Earth and what it gives to you. Trust that universal connection to others.  Begin trusting yourself!

Many Blessings,

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