The World Inside Our Heads

Spirit guides me this morning to talk about something we have all been guilty of doing to some extent and at some point in our lives.

This would be “making up situations in our own heads”. Tell me you haven’t done this… hahahahaha we all have in some way .. some more drastic and elaborate than others. We convince ourselves of things going on in our lives that are not really happening.  We make people and situations into something they are not.

Sometimes we can turn people and situations into things we wish they were and sometimes we go the whole dooms days route and convince ourselves of the worst. We do this instead of allowing things to be just what they are.

A friend doesn’t “appear” to be as upset as you are about something going on in your lives… so you tell yourself they just don’t care. Maybe they don’t show their emotions in the same way. You have no idea what really may be going on internally with your friend … so be careful not to compare their reaction with yours.

In a relationship  – one might show their affections outwardly and emotionally while the other may show theirs in some other way.  It does not mean the other does not care about you. You have your way and they have theirs.

In our minds we have convinced ourselves that our friend or partner must not care … when this may or may not even be the truth.


The waters of life get rough and we seem to be having a hard time and not so much luck. Some then cook up these scenarios in their heads that the whole world is suddenly against them. Someone must be wishing them bad luck or someone is working against them.. or .. or.. or.. it’s all dooms day, drama and misery. So we have hit a rough patch .. your attitude and the way you handle yourself during this time is part of what determines how long this rough patch lasts. Sometimes we put ourselves through far more misery than is needed.

We don’t always make up dooms day situations .. we also make up “better than real life” situations. I have seen so many people over the years do this. Most often done with relationships or well.. hopeful relationships. If you haven’t done this yourself, I am betting that you know someone who has! They find themselves in a new relationship with someone that is not so truthful and honest or maybe just not a good match for the other person..

Here are some of things you may recognize:

They change who they are to be compatible with the other person.. not really being who they are.. this never lasts long term.

The other person in the relationship has shown some unsteadiness. It’s obvious to everyone… even you… you excuse it away… something else happens that’s not so great.. again you excuse it away… not wanting to accept the truth. Wanting this person to be the one … you make excuse after excuse until sooner or later you both run out of excuses!

How much pain and hardship would we have saved everyone if at first we just allowed things to be as they were and accepted that fact?

So there you .. a bit of food for thought for today.

Many Blessings,

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