Going For It!

Whatever it is in life you wish to do … you have it within you to make it happen. The hardest part is to stop listening to the part of your brain that keeps telling you that you can’t. As my Grandmother always use to say.. “Can’t never could do anything”.

Changes take place when you start reminding yourself that YOU CAN. You change, your attitude changes, your goals change, your perception changes, your whole life changes when you adopt the attitude of “I CAN, I WILL, I AM!”.

Life hands every one obstacles, it’s how we adapt and get ourselves over, around and past these obstacles that determines how far we will go and how quickly. Sure other things may come into play .. but at the end of the day you will be far more fulfilled by having at least tried instead of just dreamed.

Take baby steps if you must .. but don’t sit on the sidelines waiting or watching others … take the steps to begin your journey.. no matter where you want to go.. remember you are the only thing holding you back.

I have to go into personal story of my own: Now this was by no means a great feat or any type of mind blowing event or goal.. but I feel like I must share: When I was a little girl there were 2 things I wanted to do that I saw other girls doing. The first was turn a cartwheel and the other doing a split. I remember day after day I would practice those cartwheels.. I can’t tell you how many times I failed.. how many times I fell over and how many times I got back up.. dusted myself off and went for it again. Every day after school I was out in the yard practicing until dark. Suddenly one day I did the most perfect cartwheel “I” had ever done. The joy and excitement of reaching my goal was tremendous! From that day on I did cartwheels all over the place.. I remember being in the school yard and doing cartwheel races with my friends. The pride that I had in myself for teaching myself how to do that and not giving up was worth more than any gift anyone could have given me at the time. The split was the same way .. my cousin and I would practice every weekend that we were together. we would hold onto each other as we slowly stretched out legs out trying to reach the ground. This took months.. but eventually we did it! Once we were able to do the splits we were always showing off .. lol doing them everywhere. It’s that determination and the innocence of childhood thinking that made us believe we could do it. No one was telling us we couldn’t.. it never even entered our minds that it wasn’t possible.. for all we knew … it was possible and we weren’t going to stop until we made it happen. These may have been childhood dreams but the success from way back when has driven me to this day of believing that “I CAN”. I just have to work with the possibilities ¬†and not give thought to “Can’t be done” way of thinking.

Many Blessings,

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