What Have You Got To Lose?

Have you pondered at all about what is it exactly that you are searching for when you are off “Finding Yourself”?

Are we searching for what we want? What we like? Who  we are exactly? Inside and Out?

I imagine it is more of a balance that we are looking for. A balance of all things to give us that feeling of fullness. Too much of anything, throws one of course and off kilter. That balance thing is a hard one to accomplish. Not sure I have ever found it myself… but I do keep trying.

I heard a great quote: someone was saying that they didn’t know how go about seeking their inner self and another was going to try and help them find their course. The unknowing one said “What have I got to lose?” and the other replied with ” just your unhappiness.”

That was one of those quotes that hit you straight in the face with a nod and a full understanding of the moment and a new awareness of your own feelings.

Just some food for thought … :-)

Many Blessings,

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