Dream of Birthing

WOW! Last night/early this morning I had a very long, intense and detailed dream. I’ll try and give you as much detail as I can remember.

I was pregnant and about ready to give birth… first of all I didn’t know I was even pregnant and something came to light (other than my growing stomach..lol) that caused me to realize what was really going on.. yeah preggo!

The dream was so detailed, down to the moment I went into labor to going to the hospital.. being rolled down the hallways on the bed…. to being in the labor room. Every push was felt, all my senses were vivid and it was a very very real experience. Not only did I have 1 child but I had two.. yes twins again.. in real life my first two children are twins … as well in this dream state. These twins were huge.. 8 1/2 pounds each! Everyone was amazed at how big they were for twins and talking about how crazy this whole thing was. There were moments of comparing them to other babies that were just born and the size of them and also moments talking about what to dress them in.

Suddenly my dream turns to having them home and the daily chore of taking care of them. Breast feeding vs formula … I did both because there wasn’t quite enough of my own to go around for them. There were glimpses of me trying to carry them both around at the same time and then one of the babies spoke. yeah and then started walking .. two days old and walking and talking! I was freaking out asking my husband to look at this and how insane it was that this child was only 2 days old and doing these things… unheard of! It seemed as though they both had grown even more over night … the one was walking and talking but the other wasn’t .. it’s behavior was more like a newborn. I spoke about the child being a prodigy and before our eyes she was doing more and more amazing things. She would speak in full sentences .. not just say random words and she walked as though she was born walking.. well ok at 2 days old.. I guess you could say she was born that way…lol.  The rest of the dream I took care of the other twin while we just sat in amazement watching the other one do her thing. It was an odd but joyful and crazy at the same time .. kind of experience.

It is said that to dream of giving birth is a symbol of new ideas, new aspects of yourself, new projects, new beginnings… and to dream of child that walks and talks is the symbol of the birth of the divine inside us.

That being said… along with the feelings and visions I have had lately… it looks like something new is definitely on it’s way.             :-)

Many Blessings,

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