Daily Insight: Fire

Today’s card: The Son of Fire

This card speaks of courage, strength, vitality and creativity. The image we see if a young boy sitting with a piece of hide on his lap and a bow in hand… What I see is untamed passion. A soul ready to take on the world. A heart willing to love without the worry of cost.

When we are young the world looks so different then when we age. In our younger years, anything is possible. The world is ours to change and mold any way we wish. As we age we find the obstacles that can get in our way. Some allow these obstacles to stop them and some battle until they overcome all gets in their way.

Today’s message is to find that youthful fire inside yourself and go at life with that same wild abandon. Obstacles are nothing more than what you allow them to be. The world is still yours to shape and mold how you would like it to be. So ┬ásmack those hands together.. warm them up and get to molding!

Many Blessings,

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