Daily Insight – Medicine Woman

Take a good look at this card … she has inside her a light ever glowing.. the sun although it sets, it’s light continues to shine. She also reveals to us an endless river, flowing from the heart this river is symbolic of her love. She holds in her hands, fire. Surrounding her is Spirit and Universal energy. She reminds us of what we each carry inside ourselves. We have the tools and the power to create whatever life we want for ourselves and we have the ability to heal with our own resources.

She holds her head up, proud of who she is and what she carries inside herself. She knows what power she holds and she uses it wisely and to the best of her abilities.

Know your own abilities, know that you have within you the necessary tools and resources to create the life you want. The Medicine Woman does not wait to become.. SHE IS.

Become aware of your own abilities, your own medicine inside… and you will see your world transform.

Many Blessings,

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