About this blog:

This blog is about spiritual growth, dedicated to creating a happier self, working out our issues, understanding ourselves, our path and our journey.

I will speak about sorrow, pain, happiness, fulfillment, over-coming obstacles, self empowerment, healing,  angels, signs, dreams and anything else that one may need in order to grow, heal and progress on this spiritual journey.

About me and my art:

I come from a Heinz 57 of Irish, English and Cherokee descendants. I consider myself not of one religion, faith or path but of all. I am simply a messenger … my goal here is to help as many as I can with the stories I have lived and those yet to come. I will share with you my journey, my walk on this path.

I don’t put myself in one category or belief … I feel that I am of many ways… from many paths .. I feel that I am more of a universal soul who has experienced many paths .. and have found truth in many forms.

My whole life I have had visions and odd thoughts about spiritual things that my Southern Baptist family never spoke of, so I  always kept these things to myself …  feeling as though I didn’t quite fit in. As I discovered my true path and started trusting in my own inner knowing  my life felt more together and I began to feel more and more whole and at peace inside … there was no longer that feeling of not fitting in.


raventalker5-2015How did I get my name?

My name comes from the Creator by way of a Cherokee/Lakota Medicine Man. I received my Cherokee name through sacred Cherokee ceremony on an Autumn evening. A moment I shall never forget.

I’ll tell you the story I was given of how the Creator gave the medicine man my name.

One Autumn evening my Medicine Man friend went into sweatlodge to ask the Creator for my name. A pack of wolves entered the lodge and lined against the wall. One wolf just would not stop talking… it went on and on about anything and everything. My friend said to the wolf “will you be quiet, I can’t focus!”. Frustrated, my friend says to the Creator .. I don’t understand what you are telling me, I need a name for Holly. He heard a voice say, I have already given you the name. In the background that wolf was still jabbering away and my friend asks, “wolftalker?” and at that point a raven flew up onto his shoulder and says, “no, it’s Raventalker and don’t forget it!”

And so that’s the story of how I came to be known as Raventalker.

My artwork

I view my artwork as a kind of magic… my goal is to create something that makes others feel something on a much deeper level. When I create, I follow an inner knowing and allow Spirit to guide me. I feel my best pieces are those that come from the heart and with every piece I do, I put as much of myself into it as possible.

Every piece is charged with healing energies as it comes to life. My hope is that through my artwork others may find something special that may be needed in their life … a bit of magic healing by way of creative art.

Many Blessings,

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  1. blessings to you my beautiful spiritual sister i have myself had to endure many years of pain and horror and i have been writing poetry since i was 14 i have not myself been trained but i have had the call within to live this life and have survived it as well i have died two times…and light was what woke me…no i dind see anyone at all but i did see light like a flashlight slamming you on the head,,,that was the feeling…but anyway i have read your posts from the group we are both in and i have been trying to write this book but again trying isnt doing so heres the reason i wrote i do believe we have alot in common and i was drawn to you in some way so if you would like i would propose in us being friends….i have been a writer my whole life and it came from my souls experence…i would love to speak with you soon ….many blessings…Angel

  2. This seems perfectly natural to me. I love the story of your name, and you have every right to be proud of it, and to share your art, magic, and wisdom with the world. The disease of bias may never leave this world… Yet we still pray for there lost souls… Blessings always… gfs

  3. So glad I found your website. I have crows that visit and make many vocalizations. One of them sounds like …Muwoop, muwoop, MUWOOP! Do you know what this might mean?

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