Author: Raven Guide

I come from a Heinz 57 of Irish, English and Cherokee descendants. I consider myself not of one religion, faith or path but of all. I am simply a messenger … my goal here is to help as many as I can with the stories I have lived and those yet to come. I will share with you my journey, my walk on this path. I don’t put myself in one category or belief … I feel that I am of many ways… from many paths .. I feel that I am more of a universal soul who has experienced many paths .. and have found truth in many forms.

A Vision of Rebirth

wolfA Vision of Rebirth

This Vision came to me in March of 2006

As I drift off to sleep this cold, winter night in March underneath the full moon, the Storm Moon, I see a young native Indian man. He is very strong and wise beyond his years. He is a healer, what some might call a medicine man.

I lay before him in a trance like state as he begins his ritual. He starts off with chants and a bit of a dance. With leaves of some sacred plant tucked into his ear lobes he dances about my body, cleansing my soul and the air that surrounds me so that the healing process may begin. Blessing the area once cleansed, he continues with his mystic chants.

I see myself laying there, now bound by the feet and ankles … A white horse I see, this horse is there to carry me on my journey. A ritual of unbinding my legs now begins.. large knives or blades are heated by the blazing fire that roars in the circle, then used to cut away what ties me down. A white wolf appears.. by my side he takes a protective stance , he holds his position at my side to protect my spirit as the ritual continues through the night.

My head is then wrapped with some sort of large, green leafy plant anointed in the native medicines, my eyes are then covered as well with the same. Pink blossoms are then placed over my eyes.. Not sure what the flower is but it is fragrant, not strong but a gentle scent and the petals are long and oval shaped much like a star but with many more points. As I am being healed I am also being given certain gifts. At this time I do not question all that goes on, I accept the healing and welcome the gifts.

Natives at both my sides chanting and dancing all around me, I am then adorned with white seeds that are placed down the center of my stomach, from my breasts to my navel. I reach down to touch the ever faithful wolf that still stands guard at my side. As I stroke his fur, he leans in to my touch and yet maintains his stance to re-affirm that he remains to be my protector and shall not, under any circumstances leave my side. … To each side of me there are natives painting my body with ointments in healing colors. They paint on symbols of healing and rebirth… my insides are being healed for the next stage of the ritual. Now below my navel a large area is painted. This is where my womb lies. Oh yes, I see, now it is clear that I am about to give birth. Birth to who or what I ask…

Once the adornment is complete the medicine man and his fellow natives begin to chant at a stronger, louder, more intense pace. The birthing has begun and I see and image emerging from my own stomach. A figure cloaked in white .. What’s this I see? I am giving birth to my own self! Slowly I rise from within myself.. a long laboring task. Once I am fully born I look back to have a look back at the body I have just come from. Now nothing more than an empty shell. It looks as though all the useful bits were taken out and now all that is left is a thick skin of a shell. A tough thick skin, for that person that I came from had grown tough from many lifetimes of pain and suffering. I see I have taken the heart with me and yet left the brain behind. Maybe this is telling me that the old way of thinking is no longer needed and that new thinking is now possible. … Leaving behind also all the painful memories that cluttered the mind and held me back from truly progressing. My eyes I see I have taken as well, but they have been cleansed and renewed so that I may have a fresh, untainted look at the world around me.
With new eyes, new visions emerge., and with new visions come new hopes, new dreams, new goals and a whole new life.

As I am now fully free from my old self, I go to the white wolf to thank him for the devotion and protection he has given to me during this time of renewal. I kneel before him and look into his eyes and tears begin to fall from my newly reopened eyes. I am overcome with so much emotion for when our eyes met, I saw the heart and soul of this wolf. Strong and pure, full of love. A love so true that no sacrifice was too big. For I saw that the wolf would give his own life for my protection.

As I gather myself, I am told to rise and hold my head up high.. for now I am to see myself as a priestess and I needed to start living the part. I was told to recognize my gifts and embrace the new me that has emerged this cold March night. This would be my next great task in life, for I have never seen myself in such a position of stature. I was told that by accepting my new position was to truly love myself and it was less of a title that others would know me by and more of one that would be known to myself. Knowing who you are and accepting that and embracing it with love is the only way to inner peace and with your own inner peace you can now finally begin to help others heal. For your inner self is like your home and if your home is not in order you cannot expect to help others get theirs in order. As I agree to accept the new life that has been given.. I begin my journey.. walking down life’s path again, with a new perspective and new look at what the world has in store and what magic lies ahead.

With the white wolf at my side we begin down the path and I see myself transform into a wolf as well and we run off into the shadows of the night.. side by side we run off to start anew.. not in front or behind but at the side of my protector.

by: Raventalker

Losing Yourself

Yep, I lost who I am… for a very long time, I dimmed my light to make sure someone else was comfortable with me. They didn’t ask me to, they didn’t even know I was doing it. I felt like I needed to do it, so I did… and I lost myself. The right people won’t make you feel like you need to dim your light or soften who you are … the right people love everything that you truly are. In fact, it is your true self that they love the most!

Many Blessings,

Crawling Out of the Pit

With everything life throws at us, we can find ourselves getting too comfortable in the wrong surroundings. Get get stuck in a pit that consumes us and find ourselves just waiting there. What are we waiting for? Some magical rope that will mysteriously pull us out? We have to make our minds that, that is not where we belong and pull ourselves out. We have everything within us to get out of the pit… we just have to make up our minds to do so.

Many Blessings,

The Dance

native loversA midnight waltz among the stars, where he reaches out to take hold my hand and it feels as though we have become one. With nothing more than a single touch, his spirit and mine join together and we dance. In perfect unison, each step followed by another so effortlessly. Gliding along through space and time with an ease that settles deep within my soul. Hand in hand, our fingers laced together so perfectly that one would not know who’s fingers belonged to who. It may seem silly, this dance, to others… but it is a connection that can never be broken. It’s a nightly ritual of two souls who long to be together in physical form, but distance keeps them apart. For now.

When night fills the sky and it is time to close their eyes, the two lovers meet in a sacred place that only they know. Off in a distant field of their minds, stands a tree. A most sacred tree that becomes their shelter, their home, their place of dreaming, where love is more than just a dream or a possibility, love is their only reality. They know that there will always be a tomorrow and they will meet at the tree once again, but the time in between seems like an eternity. Tormented by the distance that keeps them apart. The time they have each night beneath their tree, is all that they can think about throughout the day. Time slowly tics by and the longing inside them grows. As the sun fades away and is replaced by the moon, they eagerly close their eyes and make their way to the tree.

From the mists they appear side by side, reaching out to each other, they touch and the dream becomes real. She feels him as he pulls her close, his hands reaching around her back, pulling her into his embrace. Her lips touch his with a kiss so sweet and meaningful. Intoxicated by each other, breathing in each other’s essence, melting into one another. Their movements so fluid, that someone peeping into their dream might not realize that there are two souls. Beneath that tree, they spend the entire night wrapped around each other’s mind, body and soul. Looking into each other’s eyes as though it were the first and last time. Holding on so tightly to one another as if they know their time is limited. It doesn’t matter how long they have in this sacred place of dreaming … all that matters is that they are there for the moment and they shall not waste a single second of it.

To be continued…. 

Many Blessings,

He’s Just a Man

Daddy’s little girl… all grown up
Eyes once filled with admiration and love
Now she sees the person before her…
and whispers to herself, he’s just a man

No hide-n-seek or  pony rides
Just a bunch of tall tales and lies
She knows now, He’s just a man

No super powers or hero’s cape
The memories of a childhood lost, she can’t escape
No matter his plea, she sees him as he is… he’s just a man

Many Blessings,

New Artwork

Yesterday, filled with energy from the New moon and the beginning of Spring I sat down at my easle and started painting. I created a new piece for my office at work and a new piece that I currently have up for sale in my Etsy shop!

Check them out!

wolf and raven<<< This piece is the one I created for my office

And this piece (Dreaming with the Wolf)
I created is currently listed in my etsy shop…. click here to view more photos of it! >>>>>>

Many Blessings,

We are NOT our Stories

Our experiences in life are our stories. They happened, they are real but now they are nothing more than thoughts. We hold dear the stories that enlighten us, that make us feel good, we remember the lessons learned from the teaching stories… but we let go of the story itself. We are not the story. We are the spirit that had the experience but we are not the story itself. Whatever it is you need to let go of… let it go… it is nothing more than a thought to you now…. it is not what is happening right here, right now… it’s in the past which makes it nothing more than a story… a thought.

Many Blessings,