My Art Show Experience

Well I just finished yet another art show. Over the years aI have participated in quite a few art shows, festivals and fairs and along the way I have learned a few things.

1. I never sell anything at these events
2. A lot of work goes into creating, preparing, setting up and tearing down
3. The reward from the above is meeting new people… not making money.. but meeting new people

Sure you get your name out to a few more people, you meet some nice new folks but sales rarely increase from these events. People just aren’t buying…. not just from me, but hardly from anyone else either.

Will I continue to do art.. YEP! It’s who I am.. it’s a huge part of me. It’s like breathing.. I have to create.

Do I regret doing any of the festivals, fairs or shows? NO, because at least I can say I gave it a try.

Will I do more? Probably, after I have forgotten all about the last experience..LOL… I am always hopeful.

It’s all about who you know. Getting in front of the right audience is key! No matter how many shows you do, unless you are in front of people that understand, like and get what you do… you’re not going to sell a thing.

For me creating art is more than just something I do, it’s who I am.. an extension of me. I wouldn’t be me without the art-side of me. It makes me feel good to create and it gives me something to look forward to, the reward is in the finished piece, not in the sale of that piece. Although, a sale would be really nice… hahahaha, it sure would help fund future projects. But that won’t stop me from doing.

Artists create for themselves but also it is a great honor when someone else finds happiness in one of our pieces. Note for beginning artists: Don’t stop creating, believe in what you do and keep putting your work out there for others to discover.. you just never know when that right person will come along and your efforts will be greatly rewarded.

I overheard several artists this weekend speaking about their art and one of the most common phrases I heard was “it has taken me xx years to get to this point.”

They had to continuous work at perfecting what they do, to get to where they were just starting to be recognized… so whatever you do.. don’t give up.

Many Blessings,