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Toast Wins and a Thank You

I am beyond honored to have won again this year for Best Blog and Best Visual Artist in The Toast of Music City. I had convinced myself that I may have won for blog but was certain that I didn’t win for Artist this year. I was sitting there at the awards ceremony waiting for my categories to come up and first came Best Blog, which since I had been interviewed by the Tennessean for it I was certain I had won and I did :-)  …. and then the Artist category came up and I waited to hear my name called .. 3rd place .. wasn’t me.. I thought “Oh I made it for 2nd” … 2nd place was called .. it wasn’t me.. OMG OMG OMG.. The I heard my name called out fir first place .. I almost cried I was so happy and what a wonderful surprise!

You guys encourage me and keep me creating and keep me writing. You all are the absolute Best! I love you all!

Thank you everyone.. I really could not have done it without all of you .. this win isn’t just for me.. I share it with each and everyone one of you … it was a group effort and I am truly honored that you all took the time to vote and make this happen :-)

This award will hang on my wall and every time I look at it I will think about all of you out there who participated and made this happen for me. It brings me great honor and great joy to know that so many of you took the time to cast your votes. I really don’t know what else to say but Thank You Thank You Thank You!

Many Blessings,
Raventalker (doin my happy Raven dance!)

Here’s the article they wrote about me in today’s paper :-)

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Time to Vote

We want this sign to say 2012! :-)

Please please don’t forget to cast your votes for me this year in Toast of Music City

I’m running for Best Blog and Best Visual Artist …. just click each link below to cast your votes.. Thank you in advance to everyone that takes the time to vote this year.. I appreciate you guys far more than you know! Voting is daily through the whole month of June.

Thank you all!

Vote Now! Make sure you register with the site and click the blue circle next to my name to cast your votes :-)

Best Blog

Best Local Artist (Visual)

It’s all about who you know….

“It’s all about who you know….” How many times have you heard that phrase?

Well, it’s true!

In so many instances it really is about who you know…. some of the best breaks, opportunities, deals.. etc.. come from people you know or are connected to in some way.

This year I won 1st place for Best Visual Artist and Best Blog because of who I know… yep .. that’s right .. because of who I know!

But, it’s not exactly what you think…. Let me explain.

The people I know come from all walks of life.. most everyday folks just like me. All of us doing our best to make our way in this world.

They may or may not be the most politically influential, they may or may not be the highest in command at what they do, they may or may not be the wealthiest  (as far as monetary value goes), they may or may not have much power in this world … but they are by far the most caring, dedicated, hard working, dependable, friendliest and kind hearted people that I know!

It is because of these people, standing by me throughout the voting process that I was able to win 1st place.

The thing is …. the award and acknowledgement is great .. but what’s even greater is that I have enough of these people on my side… who cared enough about me to cast their votes daily for an entire month..  who despite my constant and annoying voting reminders .. still stood by me and together we ruled the Toast of Music City 2011!!

It is indeed  “who you know”  and in this case I am proud and honored to know so many wonderful, caring folks!

Who you know doesn’t always mean you have to know the wealthiest, most powerful people…  you just have to know the ones who truly care about others.

Thank you to everyone who voted for me this year… and most of all thank you all for your friendship, support and for being who you are!

I’m so glad I know the best of the best! The Cream of the Crop! Love You All!

Many Blessings,

Toast of Music City Awards

So here we are again this year … just 1 month ago Toast of Music City kicked off the voting for “The Best of” for the Nashville area .. the public got to vote for everything in the area from Best Restaurant  to Best Child Care and Local Celeb..

You or someone you know can submit any business or local person for any category and then for 4 weeks votes are cast daily.

So there I am listed in Best Blog and Best Artist (Visual) .. every day for 4 weeks I posted links hoping for votes .. fingers crossed .. hoping for the best.

Any artist will be able to relate.. we do what we do because it’s who we are .. it’s in our blood to create … we don’t do it for money or fame but in the back of our minds it sure would be great to be recognized for all that we put into our creations.

Late yesterday the winners were posted online..  I am truly humbled and honored to say that I MADE IT!!!

I certainly don’t believe I am the best artist or blogger by any means … but what I am certain of is that I have the very best friends and fans anyone could ever ask for. Taking time out of their day for 4 weeks straight to cast a vote my way and for that I am truly .. truly blessed.

As an artist and blogger I give it my all each day .. with every blog .. and every piece of  art I create. Always working to improve and do the best that I can do.  My hopes are to bring a bit of peace and healing to the world in any way that I can through my blogs and writing and with my art .. I just hope to make others smile, relate and connect.

Heavy sigh … and GREAT BIG SMILES!!!!

Thank you to everyone who voted this year. You guys are the best inspiration anyone could ever ask for. I could not have done it without you.

Many Blessings and Thank yous all around!!!