Last week I noticed that I was just a few posts away from posting my 500th blog entry! Since then I have wondered what my 500th post might be about. Until this morning I had no idea, but as usual … everything comes into being when the time is right. So, without any further delay … I give to you all my 500th blog post!


A thought came to mind yesterday and I told myself I should have written it down at that very moment before it got lost in shadows of my brain. I got busy and distracted and of course did not write it down but I do remember the basis of the thought.. it was only the exact phrasing that escapes me now. “The world is made up of a beautiful variety of imperfections… I consider myself just a tiny part of those imperfections.”

Late last night as my husband was looking through the lampwork beads he had been creating, I am once again confronted with this concept of what’s perfect and what’s not. What he thought was an imperfect bead was absolutely beautiful to me.. one of my all time favorites so far that he had made. He insisted it wasn’t usable because it wasn’t perfect… but to me … it was already perfect… perfectly beautiful.

This morning as I ponder more on this thought of perfection, a crow caws in the distance and I as turn to search from where the voice came… the sun is just peeking up from the hillside, the dew on the grass sparkles like little diamonds,  the birds patiently wait with their song in the nearby  trees as I top off the feeders, a cool breeze fills my senses with the refreshing smell of Spring and a smile takes shape from the inside out. In that perfect moment I knew. So I said, Yes Spirit … I understand now what I need to write about today.

Have a look around at the trees… so many shapes, sizes, color and species… who is to say which may be the perfect one. Further more, why does one even have to be perfect. To me, they are all perfect… they are all trees and within each one lies it’s very own distinct beauty.

dandelion….. and take a look at this dandelion.. nearly half it’s seed heads are gone… one dangles there to the side ready to take off with the slightest breeze…. is it perfect? YES, yes it is! It is as perfect a dandelion as any dandelion could be. Would a small child pass it up and not take a very big deep breath and blow with all their heart and soul in hopes for their wishes to come true? NOPE! So, yes, that dandelion is perfect.. no matter what it looks like … it is still a wish waiting to be made. PERFECTION in all it’s glory!

Take a look at the world for what it has to give and not how you think it should look. Now what do you see?

Many Blessings,

Conquering Your Fear

I forgot about a particular part of my vision this morning. This segment of the vision seemed unrelated to the journey and was more a personal vision included in the mediation this morning so I am posting this separate as I think many may be able to relate.

At some point, what seems to me now like it may have been in the middle of this mornings meditation, I found myself on a paved road, but the center of the road was flooded with water and had broken away.  The edges of the road were jagged and at first I stood there looking at it, knowing I needed to make it to the other side but how?

I examined the road and what parts were left that were still paved and I began walking on the edge to try and make it over to the other side. Suddenly water flowed over the side I was on and now there was no paved edging to walk on. If I was going to make it to the other side I would have to get wet. I would have to fully immerse myself into the water and through my own efforts make my way to the other side.

Water is a symbol of emotions. Good and bad (all emotions). So in this vision, you can see I have a path to follow but my emotions seem to have blocked my way. In fear of facing these emotions, I tried to navigate around them but Spirit took away that possibility, forcing me to make the choice of standing still and not moving forward, running the other way, or facing my fears and facing my emotions by pushing through them.

I stood on the edge of that pavement only for a moment before I realized what was needed. With a little hesitation and one big gulp of gumption.. I jumped right into the water and swam my way across. It turns out I was afraid of nothing. I did not drown, I did not even struggle .. I swam straight across with no trouble at all. When I got to the other side… crawled upon the pavement and looked back at where I had just come from…. I smiled and giggled just a little. What on Earth was I so worried about? I had let my fears stop me from moving forward. I allowed silly thoughts I made up in my own mind to be “Oh this can’t be good”… and I allowed my progress to be halted for a moment. It is true that we are our own worst enemies at times.  It is so easy to convince ourselves of just about anything. Be careful of what you allow yourself to believe. Trust yourself and your abilities. Know that you have it within you to make it through whatever life throws in your direction.

It is smart to think before you leap, just don’t let it stop you from moving forward.

Many Blessings,

The Standing Stones

I was just in meditation and a vision was given to me about the standing stones that are scattered around the world. I have no way of knowing if this could be true, but the vision I was given is perfectly clear.

The stones I keep hearing are like a key… broken apart in puzzle form. To understand the stones truth you must map them together as if they were at one point in the same place.

If the stones were to be mapped together.. layered on top of each other, then their intent and purpose would be clear. Separated they have a mystery, an unknown story… but to bring them back together… the story, the truth is revealed.

Wow! I’d love to know if there has ever been anyone who has tried this. What I am seeing is the stones on a transparent type of film and then overlayed on top of each other and rearranged until suddenly they all seem to match up creating one perfectly clear image of something entirely unexpected, entirely different.

Hmmmmmmmmmm, certainly some food for thought.

Many Blessings,

Daily Insight – Transformation

In order for us to grow, there will be many periods of transformation in our lives. These transformations can be subtle and at other times they may seem chaotic and overwhelming.

Those more severe moments of our transformation tend to throw us for a loop and can send us off balance … there is reason for this. Once we lose our balance we must work to regain that balance. We change our position, our footing… and we readjust ourselves where we stand. Once we have regained our balance, the world around us has a different look, well it doesn’t look any different really, but we see it differently. Our vision comes then from a new perspective.

Remind yourself, when going through a seemingly chaotic situation that transformation is taking place and that soon you will have a new outlook on life. It doesn’t always change drastically.. but it does change.

Many Blessings,

How to Find a 4 Leaf Clover

The art of finding four leaf clovers is far more simple than one might think… It’s seeing beyond the sea of ordinary to find a small glimpse of extraordinary!|

How quickly can you find the one with 4 leaves?

Adjust your view, clear your mind of all else and there it is… right in front of you.

Once you find it .. it’s yours… it only needs to be found… not also picked.

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Many Blessings, Raventalker

When the Planets Line Up

This morning I had a vision and I’m still pondering the full meaning…

I was at some foreign event …. like in Africa,Australia or Mexico… the landscape was very dry and dusty.. not much greenery going on… just loads of dirt. I was there to guard and take photos so I was given this really long, huge gun and so I tried carrying both around with me while I was readying myself to take photos of the event. No idea what the event was I don’t think the event was the “real” point of me being there.

As  I was looking for a good vantage point to take photos I saw through a window tons of hummingbirds gathered in one area… they were all over the place! So I moved people out of my way… put the gun down saying I don’t need that thing and began taking photos. All the while I kept moving around to get different vantage points to capture this moment. Everyone else was watching the event .. I was more interested in these hummingbirds and why so many were there. Along with the ordinary hummingbirds were a handful of different rare hummingbirds as well. This amazed me and I was wondering why no one else was even concerned or noticing the hummingbirds.

Now a second even was taking place and as I was moving toward the second event to take photos of it I looked up and it looked as though there were 2 suns in the sky right next to each other. I thought it was my eyes playing tricks on me so I would look away and refocus again and again until I admitted to myself that yes indeed it does look like 2 suns are in the sky. Me with my camera in hand, grabbed it and began to focus to take photos .. anyone who has ever tried taking pics of the sun knows how hard that is to focus because of the brightness of the sun. So I fiddled and focused again and again to get a good shot and then realized it wasn’t two suns it was planets.

What I was seeing was lots of planets and as my camera kept refocusing on this event I saw more and more planets move into alignment. The events going on behind me continued as people were distracted by whatever that was and not paying one bit of attention to the miracle that was going on in the sky above us. It was absolutely amazing to see. All of the planets were perfectly falling right into alignment.

Here’s a little bit of info on the hummingbird from

Life is a wonderland of delight – darting from one flower to another, tasting the sweet nectar and radiating the colors of the rainbow. It’s a symbol for accomplishing that which seems impossible. It can teach you how to find the miracle of joyful living in your own life.

Hummingbird medicine is herbal; it shows us how to use flowers for healing. They teach us how to draw life essence from flowers and create your own medicines.

This totem reminds us to explore the past and extract the sweetness from it. It can help you find joy and sweetness in any situation. Grab joy as swiftly as you can. It reminds us to find the joy in what we do  and to sing it out.

Many Blessings,

Winter Solstice – The Long Night’s Journey

This is a vision I had a couple of years ago on the night of the winter solstice… I share with you now my moment.

My whole life has been like the hunt like the wolf, searching for food. The food that we hunt is different only in the hunger that we each sought to feed. In my own search I have sought out various foods to feed the many different hungers of my soul… a hunger for wisdom, of learning, of growth, of love, of creativity, a hunger for spiritual fulfillment and the list goes on.

This the longest night of the year I would like to share with you my spiritual journey. In this journey I was accompanied by my long time spiritual companion, the white wolf.

The day began much colder than any other before it, the community was buzzing with activities, as everyone was preparing for the longest of the cold winter nights.

The elders gathered and I was stripped of all that I wear and bathed in a ritual bath to cleanse away all that was unneeded. I was induced into a restful, relaxed state by way of some sort of herbal drink and then wrapped in the pelt of a white wolf and placed in a shelter with a roaring fire at it’s center.

I lay next to the fire wrapped in this wonderous fur. I give thanks to the wolf that gave his life for the sake of my warmth this long and cold winter night. I struggle to keep my eyes open, the herbal concoction has set in and my body falls into a state of complete rest.

The fire before me glows and my eyes grow so heavy I can no longer keep them open.

I hear not a sound other than the beat of my own heart accompanied by that of my spirited protector, the great white wolf. Not a sound is heard, not the crackle of the fire, not the sounds of the night, no sound from any other soul. The night, silent and still.

Now that night has fallen, there is no scurrying about with chores and busy work, there is no worry or fright, there is no concern or sorrow.. there is only one thing and that thing is rest. Curled up by the fire in this fine coat of fur, I close my eyes and finally I rest.

Completely at ease, knowing I am watched over, I am filled with warmth and love and when I close my eyes, the dreams begin.

Visions of many, they come and they go ..

Secrets of old revealed…

Healing and growth show themselves…

The light from above now glowing from my center.. it fills me.

This night, the longest of the year…. Shall be forever cherished and never feared.

This was my long night’s journey … and the message I’d like to pass on is this:

There is much time in this life to be busy .. to gather.. to hunt ..

to prepare for many things.. you must remember that to be at your best and to keep your strengths at their height.. you must take time to rest .. completely let go and allow yourself time to rejuvenate….



Many Blessings,